Welcome to Hypnosic.com, my hypnosis website, where I share my knowledge and experience as a hypnotherapist and the many aspects of this curious mental state.

Hypnosis is a subject that has attracted a number of inquisitive souls while frightening many that remain ignorant of it's true nature.

hypnosisIt is my hope that I can dispel many of those fears as I present the reality of just what this natural state of mind truly is by explaining it in everyday terms that can be understood by the majority of people wanting to know more about it.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

So what is this website here for and what is its purpose?

Well, hypnosis is a pretty fascinating subject and one that a lot of people are still largely wary of thanks to long term arguments about its validity as a therapeutic aid and its misuse by stage hypnotists.

As you read through the articles published on this website, written by myself, a qualified and long term expert hypnotherapist since 1993, the hope is that you will gain a better understanding of what it's all about. I also wish to show how it can and is being used for good in helping people to overcome personal issues where other more conventional methods may have failed.

Hypnotherapy is a term used to describe a form of therapy that makes use of the hypnotic state to aid in rechannelling a person's irrational fears and anxieties into more constructive practices. In other words, changing destructive behavioural traits for constructive ones.

How this is achieved would (and does) fill an entire tuition course worth of pages and notes, but in these pages I have condensed much of the information to be able to present in in far fewer pages. While this information is not as comprehensive as it would be in a full training course by any means, it suffices as an introduction into the practice of hypnotherapy.

Self Improvement

A website about the potentially life-changing properties of hypnotherapy would not be complete without a section on related measures for self improvement or personal development.

The two aspects of life are closely related, certainly in that they exist to help a person to experience a better way of life in all areas. These range from health, quality of life and wealth, to happiness and strong, fulfilling relationships with others.

This means I also write about my own experiences and more recent knowledge acquisition as I have studied this subject at length over the past several years. That's since I first head about and read the book, ″The Secret″ by Rhonda Byrne back in 2008.

Static vs Blog: The Evolution of this Site

When I changed from a static website to a blog back in 2007, it made sense from an "ease of updating" point of view because Wordpress made things very easy. However, over the years, Wordpress has become larger and more bloated with plugins for this and that and it loads more slowly.

Plus it was fast becoming a constant headache keeping spammers and hackers out. Added to that was the really annoying habit Wordpress had and still has of bringing out constant updates. Well, the blog began to become more work to manage than the old static model.

So while a static homepage may not do a whole lot, it is far easier to maintain. It just sits here and welcomes you to the site, while never really needing to change very much at all.

While the supporters of the blog model will say that it makes for a more interesting browsing experience, its only real benefit from a webmaster's standpoint was that it was slightly easier to upload new articles. Even that has changed now, as the blogging platform developers introduced a block editing format that quite frankly, I find impossible to use!

From a user standpoint, the blog model enables interaction through the comment system. However, this gets so badly abused by spammers it seriously detracts from its benefits and meanwhile creates a lot of what really is unnecessary extra work.

So the blog made way for a return to a static site model and static it has stayed since 2007, right up until now in 2020.

Well, all that aside, again welcome to HYPNOSIC.COM. I hope you enjoy browsing around my other pages for articles, resources and that popular stopping point, the "phobias" page, with it's massive list of just about every phobia you can think of... and some!

By the way, if you know the name of a phobia that's not listed there, be sure to email me here and I will add it to the list if it checks out!

Thanks for stopping by!